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About Us

Master theatre marketing practices and strategies with your peers. 

You Belong Here.

Say so long dearie to the overwhelm, frustration and pressure to create fabulous marketing strategies, systems and content that keep your theatre moving forward. 

It's time to make, move and market content online and onstage that gets butts in seats!

Lets Continue Recovering ... Together!

As the effects of the global COVID-19 Pandemic subside and we return to our beloved theatre spaces, marketing expertise will be a priority and a critical component of your theatre's future.

How people choose to consume entertainment content will forever be changed. Priorities are shifting. 

Accessibility and inclusion are critical actions for theatres today. That will require innovative and inclusive marketing.

Why You Should Join Us

You have support here. Keep the mission and vision of your incredible theatre organization alive and innovating during this time of tremendous change in the theatre industry. 

There is no better way than in an online community to help you accomplish this!

This is the place to be -- our virtual gathering place for members of the Theatre Marketing Academy.  

Have a comment? Question for fellow members? A tip or a new learning?

Looking for an easy link to new Theatre Marketing Academy content releases because your email is overwhelming? 

Want to share what you're working on?  

Getting weary of Facebook's overwhelm? 

For all those reasons and more, you'll love this community!

What this community is not...

Please be kind, courteous and supportive of the team at Theatre Marketing Academy and members of this community. If you disagree with an opinion or statement, please think before you post. 

This community is not for promoting your individual productions or selling tickets or asking for contributions or donations.  

That said, if you are posting a mini-case study or providing a peek behind the "making of" your marketing or artistic contributions to a production, Go For It. We want to read all of it!

A grateful thanks.

YOU are what will make this community successful and thriving.  From the bottom of my grateful heart, thank you.  Let's get to work! Start posting and engaging today!

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